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We do provide you with complete real estate management that refers to the comprehensive management of all aspects of a property, from buying to renting, and everything in between.

Rental a property

This includes tasks such as:

  • Property acquisition: This involves identifying suitable properties for purchase, negotiating with sellers or agents, and handling legal and financial aspects of the purchase.
  • Property maintenance: This includes regular maintenance and repairs of the property, handling emergency repairs and maintenance, and ensuring that the property is kept in good condition.
  • Rent collection: Managing rent collection, dealing with late or missed payments, and ensuring that tenants are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Tenant management: This includes screening potential tenants, handling lease agreements, responding to tenant complaints and concerns, and handling tenant move-ins and move-outs.
  • Financial management: This includes managing all financial and law aspects of the property, such as budgeting, accounting, and help with tax reporting.

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